Value based reimbursement programs optimized by specialty, and aligned for physician success.

The care continuum is a complex orchestration of care providers, specialists and facilities, but clinical orchestration isn’t the same as financial intentions.  Beginning with primary care and throughout the diagnostic and specialty services needed to affect the best outcome we approach value based care differently. We align clinical and financial decisioning through collaboration that prioritizes quality as the basis for care value.

Our approach to managing the care continuum begins early to guide patient utilization and remains consistent until the final dollar of reimbursement has been collected. By combining effective patient engagement and care collaboration we delivery higher quality care and positive economics for providers, payers, employers and patients.

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For some providers value based reimbursement is an unknown risk

The healthcare marketplace is being reshaped by strong competitive forces. Payers compete for members. Providers compete for patients. And Employers face a two front battle to retain talent while employee benefit costs rise. And the consumer is now more informed and empowered in the healthcare choices. Value now determines care models in many cases, and the mandate is on to redefine reimbursement overall based on Quality and Value.

To prosper in competing markets, healthcare providers, payers and employers must be more than just present. Value based programs enable providers, payers and employers to create a specific care model that is competitively advantaged, through clinical and financial performance.

Global’s value based reimbursement models enable healthcare organizations to prosper financially, become more strategically adept in their markets, and foster collaboration in their communities with employers and consumers.

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Will risk based reimbursement models constrain or empower your organization?

Becoming a leader in commercial, employer-based or consumer direct value based payment models is a tremendous opportunity for healthcare organizations to gain competitive advantage and create long-term financial autonomy. But these programs involve risk that most organizations have never dealt with and have few tools to manage.

Whether government mandated reimbursement models or commercial models based on risk, you need proven experience and technology to prosper in new value based healthcare economy.  Shifting reimbursement methods from volume to value takes time, data, and new methods.  Global has been managing these programs successfully for more than thirty years, and we can manage these programs successfully for you tomorrow.

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Global delivers Quality, Care and Value. Together.

Global Healthcare Alliance is a leader in value based healthcare reimbursement programs. Providing strategic and sustainable programs for reimbursement among healthcare providers, payers, and employers. Global Healthcare Alliance’s expertise, processes and technology result in programs that deliver higher quality patient care, strong provider economics and long-term value for payers. The company was founded by esteemed heart surgeon Dr. Denton A. Cooley, who pioneered the idea of bundled payments and recognized the value of value-based reimbursement. From a beginning of innovated clinical care to our industry leading technology, the company now draws from 30+ years of experience in managing government and commercial value based reimbursement and bundled payments programs.

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