Clinical and Financial Innovation

For Global, Value and Innovation go hand-in-hand.  The hand above is world renowned heart surgeon Dr. Denton Cooley holding one of the first artificial hearts he helped to create. His hands brought innovative devices and innovative care to more than 100,000 hearts world wide. But in his own words, his “greatest innovation was not in the operating room, but the concept of value based healthcare through bundled pricing”.  That greatest innovation began Global Healthcare Alliance.

We were founded with an unwavering spirit of innovation. A vision so focused on quality of care that reimbursement models were forced to adapt just to match pace with gains being made in patient outcomes, patient access and clinical efficiency.

These innovative reimbursement models which began more than 30 years ago continue today. Saving patients and payers many millions of dollars, while providing a simpler, aligned care delivery model that improves economics for physicians.  A more value model of healthcare. A more sustainable model of healthcare.

Global continues to reimagine the future of value based healthcare.  What Global has been doing well for decades is now the “new” industry mandate. No more volume driven economics. Value is the new driver for reimbursement. For Global it always has been.

Today, Global operates value based healthcare programs for physicians, employers and payers.  These programs are recognized as the top performing programs of their kind by the likes of the Congressional Budget Office, CMS and many Commercial Payers and Employers.  We help bring physicians, health systems and payers together to provide extraordinary care for patients, through aligned economics and predictable financial results.

Let’s work together to demonstrate the Value of Innovation to your organization.  Value based healthcare is here now, whether facing government mandates or pursuing new opportunity Global will be your trusted partner in delivering Quality, Care and Value. Together.

Changing Markets, Predictable Innovation

Global Healthcare Alliance, based in Houston, Texas, is a leader in Value Based Reimbursement and Revenue Cycle Management solutions.

What began in 1984 as part of CardioVascular Care Providers, Inc. launched out in 1997 as Global incorporated as an independent Texas corporation to begin commercializing the bundled pricing models, value based reimbursement programs and growing technology platform. The technology needed to perform effectively in value based models was lacking both from a physician revenue cycle management and “payer” administration perspective.  This was a particular challenge for many physicians and organizations seeking to operate as part of complex networks and integrated care organizations. In response, Global continued innovating, refining and proving its technology and services platforms.

After more than three decades, Global’s technology agenda and services model continues to accelerate, becoming one of the largest technology developers in Houston, TX, creating effective managed services support for physicians throughout the US, and operating some of the largest value based reimbursement programs nationally and internationally.

Our unique and long term experience of being both a provider and administrator of value-based reimbursement programs, has enabled us to create a comprehensive array of products and services to meet the demands of continuous change in healthcare reimbursement.  We serve a diverse set of provider, employer and payer clients, providing broad services for managing reimbursement models that span provider networks, fee-for-service reimbursement and highly-integrated episodic care reimbursement.

Our technology has been well proven, our processes and methods are refined, and our dedication to high quality service is demonstrated by many client relationships that span decades.  Most importantly, the financial results on behalf of our clients have outperformed not only the market, but our client’s expectations as well.

We deliver our solutions across two business units, Value Based Healthcare and Revenue Cycle Management with a priority on transforming the experience for patients, providers and payers throughout the continuum of care.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your organization thrive in the value based healthcare economy.

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