Axia: Value Based Reimbursement Administration Platform

Every industry encounters change that requires new technology to overcome past limitations.  For Global this commitment to technology innovation began early as we pioneered value based reimbursement programs.  Our approach to value based reimbursement began with a clear set of priorities; make access to care more accessible and valuable to patients, providers and payers.

The Axia platform provides technology to make value based care more accessible to patients, providers and payers.  Patient access begins early by engaging with employees and beneficiaries to make them aware of how to access the program benefits.  At the time care is needed, a simple call begins a highly orchestrated patient engagement that helps patients navigate from diagnosis to specialty care, surgery and post-operative care all within the program.  This “patient concierge” approach maximizes the customer service quality of care, and elevates the performance of the program economics for providers and payers.

Axia enables access to value based programs for providers by utilizing technology to augment existing workflow with automated steps for converting fee-for-service transactions into packages or “bundles” for adjudication.  Once processed, Axia then manages the disbursement of funds for final reimbursement and reconciliation.  By utilizing industry standards for connectivity and data exchange, provider access to these programs is simple, non-disruptive and reduces administrative costs.

Access for payers and employers is greatly enhanced by utilizing Axia to receive, package and exchange accurate and audited financial transactions.  This automation streamlines processing, creates accurate calculation of financial terms and standardizes communication with program participants.  Axia brings the most advanced value based contract management technology to program participants who may have system limitations when processing episodic, risk-based, or incentive reimbursement contracts.

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