Bundled Payments Administration

Global has over 30 years of experience in the administration and processing of bundled healthcare claims, pricing and services, as both a healthcare provider and payer. Our knowledge of value-based reimbursement and the managed care marketplace is extensive and unique, and it is with this knowledge base that Global built its cloud-based bundling software system to address the healthcare marketplace.

Prior to its incorporation in 1997, Global’s services were functionally a part of CardioVascular Care Providers, Inc. (CVCP), one of the largest cardiovascular networks in the nation. CVCP was founded in 1984 by Dr. Denton A. Cooley, surgeon-in-chief, president emeritus of the Texas Heart Institute, a leader in cardiovascular research, education and patient care which is consistently rated by peers in U.S. News and World Report, and among the top ten programs for cardiovascular care. Currently, Global provides full-service management to CVCP including developing and administering bundled payments for this network comprised of over 800 physicians. This includes claims administration, bundling into a single claim, and paying all providers, as well as managing a shared risk program. CVCP is contracted with all major commercial payers under bundled arrangements. Global also administered the billing and collections for the HCFA Coronary Bypass Demonstration Project, a Medicare demonstration project under package pricing for CVCP and St. Luke’s CHI Health in Houston.

Why Choose Bundled Healthcare Benefits?

  • Participating providers assume shared risk
  • Loss outliers are offset by increased operating efficiencies and volumes
  • A continuum of case management is established from preventive medicine to rehabilitation
  • Patients enjoy ease of access to the highest caliber of clinical practitioners and the convenience of single-claim administration
  • Insurers receive a well-defined, predetermined case rate for the delivery of high quality care

Global pioneered the package pricing concept over 30 years ago with major payers, and we remain the preeminent company to administer a shared risk, bundled healthcare pricing program in any specialty for you.

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