Credit Balance & Refund Processing

With over 30 years of medical billing experience, Global Healthcare Alliance is very familiar with Credit Balances and Refund Processing.

When either a patient or an insurance company overpays, it is important to have a system and process in place that correctly and timely refunds the appropriate entity, especially one that properly connects the dots to the patient and insurance balances. This can be a complex and lengthy process which can often cause a practice to take its eye off the ball on collecting what is owed. The experts at Global know how to manage these processes as part of its comprehensive medical billing solution and keep your entire revenue cycle flowing smoothly.

Managing Overpayments

We understand that overpayments can happen for many reasons. Our system has a mechanism in place to catch these overpayments, present them in an orderly fashion to our credit balances team for processing, who then assist you in making sure you get the money back to the right parties. We process all the paperwork for you. You just have to cut the checks.

This is just another part of our comprehensive medical billing solution for you – managing Credit Balances and Refund Processing – combined with our dedicated account managers, we function as an extension of your office.

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