Denial Management Services

We view denials as an opportunity to collect, and are successful because we provide you with a dedicated Denial Management team. They review all insurance denials on EOB’s as they arrive and immediately start working them. They handle all the paperwork, contact insurance companies and file all appeals.

The Denial Management team is your advocate to ensure reimbursement is maximized. With Payer-Provider Intelligence™ built in to our system, the Denial Management team is complemented with one of the highest first-pass clean claim rates in the industry at 95.3%.

Remember, we are an extension of your office and understand how denied claims can impact the revenue cycle of your practice. Our experience operating as both a payor and provider helps our dedicated team capture that revenue.

Let us maximize your reimbursement, decrease your denials and increase your practice profitability by freeing your staff from these administrative burdens.

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