EHR Interface Integration

Global maintains a team of expert software developers whose sole responsibility is EHR Interface Integration. Our company has been listed, for the past several years, as one of the top software development companies by the Houston Business Journal. We understand the challenges of new industry regulations and the requirements of HIPAA as it relates to interoperability and all methods of communication between your EHR and our system.

During the last 30 years we have seen countless technologies come and go, but our system is cloud-based, fast and interoperable and capable of interfacing with any EHR. Our solution allows you the flexibility to choose the EHR  software that best fits your specific needs.

Each component of our system works together with your EHR  to maximize reimbursements, decrease denials, and increase practice profitability.

Contact us today and find out how we interface with your EHR and provide you with our best of breed comprehensive medical billing solution.

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