Patient Balance Follow Up & Statement Services

We recognize the time, energy and expense of self-pay collections.  In partnering with us, your practice will benefit from our Patient Balance Follow-up & Statement Services.

With the increase in high deductible plans, patients are frequently responsible for payment of the first dollar on services performed. In addition, the size of the patient co-pay has grown. If you fail to collect from the patient at time of service, then you must have a reliable, expert team of people to work these patient balances or practice profitability could suffer.

We can free up your time by sending out statements and generating automated call reminders to patients. As an extension of your office, we manage patient phone calls with questions about their statements and work with them directly to get outstanding balances paid and reduce your days in A/R.

You won’t find another company that offers our end-to-end solution for managing payments and patient balance follow up. Our services will decrease your overhead costs and increase your profitability.

This is a vital function of your practice and an important part of our comprehensive medical billing solution for your practice. Contact us today to inquire further about our Patient Balance Follow-up & Statement Services.

Contact us today to inquire further about our Patient Statements and Patient Collection Services.

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