Patient Registration & Scheduling

Our practice management solution is easy to use and delivers fast navigation, from patient registration and appointment scheduling to final posting of charges and payments.

Patient registration is a breeze and dynamic search and set-up requirements prevent the creation of duplicate accounts. You can manage multiple insurances across patient accounts, set up cases and track primary, secondary and tertiary coverages.

Daily, weekly and monthly scheduling views are available. Appointments also have the ability to be linked to other interoffice appointments and eligibility can be verified on the fly. In addition, the system will also perform an auto eligibility verification prior to patients’ appointments. Do you want efficiency? Hover over capabilities are available on an appointment to view high-level patient details and their status without the need to click through.

Efficient Scheduling and Check-in

You can easily drag and drop an appointment on the Scheduler screen to reschedule appointments. Check-in has never been easier because the workflow is designed to move patients through the entire visit, and record time of service payments and charges, all from a single screen with intuitive color coding.

If your practice has multiple locations, you can easily view multiple schedules and resources from a single point of entry. And because it’s cloud-based, you can view and verify schedules 24/7.

Creating scheduling templates is simple and fast using the globalcentara system, so that practice schedules are kept on track daily.  Our system allows practices to create templates on the fly for one or multiple locations/providers with ease. You may apply a scheduling template that re-occurs for months at a time or apply an immediate block or hold. Users may opt to utilize a particular scheduling template with standard, fixed appointments and times or create a customized template for resources whose schedules change daily.

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