Reimbursement Underpayment Tracking

Our commitment to each partner-client is to maximize reimbursements, decrease payment denials and increase profitability, and one important way we do this is Reimbursement Underpayment Tracking with payers. With the combination of our state-of-the-art, cloud based medical practice management system, and comprehensive revenue cycle management and medical billing services, you can rest assured that contracted fee schedules are closely tracked and underpayments from payors are quickly identified and appealed.

Once you provide us with your managed care contract fee schedules and any periodic updates, our team will load them into our practice management system and the underpayment tracking process commences. At time of payment posting, our system will verify the contracted eligible amount against what was actually paid by the payer, and any balances will be automatically swept into our collection system, so that our dedicated insurance collection specialists can contact and appeal for the correct payment with the appropriate payer. This enables us to perform this important and time-sensitive task of tracking reimbursement underpayments.

Each component of our system combined with our tenured staff and teams of dedicated specialists will accelerate your practice’s revenue cycle. And we offer full transparency so you have visibility of your data, 24/7, all the way down to the claim notes.

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