Bundled Payment Services

Over thirty years ago, Global Healthcare Alliance, through the vision of Dr. Denton A. Cooley, world renowned heart surgeon, pioneered the package pricing concept, and we remain the preeminent company to administer shared risk, Bundled Healthcare Pricing Services. A bundled healthcare price or payment is also known as a packaged price, case rate or episode of care and its chief benefits are lowering overall costs by discouraging unnecessary care and improving quality care by encouraging coordination across all providers through shared risk.

Our experience as both a healthcare provider and payer endows us with a unique knowledge of value-based reimbursement and the managed care marketplace. From this knowledge stems our cloud-based bundled healthcare pricing software and our specialized bundled healthcare administration services. Through bundled healthcare services, participating providers assume shared risk, and loss outliers are offset by increased operating efficiencies and volumes. Additionally, insurers receive a well-defined, predetermined case rate for the delivery of high quality care.

Global remains the preeminent company to administer a shared risk, bundled healthcare pricing program. Our personalized service and sophisticated system offers a truly unique partnership for healthcare provider networks and health systems ready to consider a bundled healthcare pricing program.

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