At Global Healthcare Alliance, we recognize that our employees are our most important asset. They have built a vast knowledge of the healthcare industry and are specialists in their fields of administration, finance, medical billing, technology, and claims processing.

As a company that is neither mom-and-pop nor large and corporate, we believe in white-glove customer service, and our employees not only possess both a high level of expertise in their respective specialties, they also hold close the guiding principles of our organization.

Our philosophy is Leadership Through Service, and it is the core value and that drives Global to the forefront of medical billing, separating us from our competitors. It is the foundation that strengthens our service commitment and client relationships so we can provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and mutual trust between partners.

A career with Global is life-changing, and this is because we value our employees so much. This translates to team members who genuinely care about the well-being of our partnering clients. Leadership Through Service is comprised of principles that, when implemented, result in positive outcomes for everyone involved. We take great pride in the happiness and productivity of every employee at Global.

Our Guiding Principles of “Leadership through Service”

Honesty, Integrity, Trustworthiness

Creativity, Responsibility, Flexibility

Competency, Accountability, Initiative

Empowerment, Teamwork, Respect for the Individual



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