Destination Care Programs

The U.S. Healthcare system is the best in the world.  Providing the most advanced treatments, highest quality clinical practices and compassionate care to a global population.  Healthcare organizations have expanded their reach into the world market to bring patients to the U.S. for a broad range of episodic care.  In doing so, healthcare providers and employers create a new opportunity to expand their strategy and create new value for their organizations.

Global Healthcare Alliance has been operating Destination Care Programs for decades.  Representing international employers, federal agencies, foreign governments, diplomats and international citizens, Global’s programs have managed patient engagement throughout the care continuum, and delivered an efficient administrative process to ensure financial success before, during and after care is delivered.

Our approach to Value Based Programs

By aligning incentives and sharing risk, value based programs focus on quality as the measure of value, beginning today and for the long term.
Everyone has a role in achieving value.  Our programs balance provider, payer and patient involvement in the clinical and financial objectives of high quality care.
Value based care requires new levels of automation and new insights to data that drive quality care with greater efficiency.

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