E-Eligibility & Clean Claim Editing

Our practice management system was designed with best of breed technology and Payor-Provider Intelligence™ to optimize the workflow of patient registration, eligibility verification, charge capture, coding and clean claim creation. E-Eligibility and Clean Claim Editing are built-in tools in our award winning system, designed to maximize revenue, decrease payment denials and increase your practice profitability.

Electronic Eligibility Verification

E-Eligibility is a sophisticated solution available at your fingertips to ensure accuracy when capturing patient demographics and setting appointments. You can simply verify a patient’s insurance eligibility at the time of the appointment with the push of a button or set the e-eligibility tool to verify all appointments scheduled in advance. It is that easy.

Decrease Payment Denials

Our Clean Claim Editing tools work automatically for you during the charge capture process. As charges are entered or migrated from your EMR, our built-in tools check for field validation, procedure matching diagnosis, CCI edits, LCD edits and even custom edits, prior to delivery to the payer. We boast a 95.3% first pass clean claim delivery rate which means fewer denials and maximization of your revenue cycle

Let our system work for you and focus on the administrative details, so you can focus on growing your practice.

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