Employer Center of Excellence Programs

Employers face a serious challenge.  How can healthcare benefits help recruit and retain the best talent to enable their organizations to thrive while controlling the costs of high risk health issues?  The answer may be an Employer Center of Excellence program.

An Employer Center of Excellence (“CoE”) program is a collaboration between an employer and a healthcare organization to provide specialized care delivery models tailored to the employer’s beneficiaries.  The scope of clinical services may be broad to address the general health of the population, or more narrowly focused to provide specialized care in high-risk, high-cost areas such as cardiovascular, oncology or orthopedic specialties.

Because the Employer CoE model has a more narrowly defined population, the program can focus on a more engaged employee health education model, optimized care protocols, and more predictable costs and risks.

The advantages are many, beginning with employee access that translates into a patient experience that is well orchestrated from diagnosis, to treatment and recovery with less stress, more caring and greater transparency of costs.  For the employer, the advantages begin in knowing their employees will receive the highest care quality available, which reflects favorably on their company, even while achieving greater care value and minimizing risks.

The program requires clinical and financial alignment between the employer and care providers, and the capabilities to manage a patient experience throughout the episode of care.  Since Global launched our first Employer CoE more than twenty years ago, we’ve helped employers manage healthcare costs successfully, and build strong, more sustainable relationships with the best healthcare providers in the country.  It has been our privilege to help thousands of employees covered by these programs worldwide to receive the highest quality care, strengthening  confidence in their employer.

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