Insurance Collection Services

A key component of our comprehensive medical billing solution is Insurance Collection Services.We have a dedicated team of insurance collections specialists for every account. This means we both know and manage the payors in every way we need to in order to bring the payments to your practice. We have been collecting from insurance companies for over 30 years, and know the ins and outs of every possible interaction that occurs within a medical insurance payment.

We know that increasing days in A/R and aged insurance receivables over 90 days is a growing problem among physician practices today. Increased regulations, complex billing and coding combinations, increased payer authorizations, claims edits and denials altogether will disrupt the revenue cycle and negatively impact practice profitability. Your solution is a phone call away. Our insurance collections team of tenured experts are your advocates to win your cause with insurance companies and bring your hard earned dollars back to your practice. Our team keeps notes in our system detailing every conversation with the insurance companies, and you have access to those notes on each account any time you want for greater transparency and control.

Our efforts will help bring claims to a final resolution, to maximize revenue, reduce costs and increase profitability.

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