Medical Billing & Payment Posting

Two services performed by Global Healthcare Alliance that are integral parts of the revenue cycle are Medical Billing and Payment Posting. We perform these two key functions to ensure accurate and timely submission of medical claims to payers and to ensure that accurate payments are received from payers and reconciled to bank deposits. Our goal for our partner clients is to maximize reimbursement, decrease denials, and increase profitability.

Medical Billing

When you partner with Global, we make sure charges are captured correctly, scrubbed clean with Payer-Provider Intelligence™, and ready for filing to payers. We also reconcile your charges to your appointment schedule to make certain there are no missed charges for any patients seen. Our billing team promply files the claims to payors for payment, ensures there is sufficient documentation, corrects any rejected claims (if applicable), and reports and documents any claims filing occurrences and trends for continued process improvement.

Payment Posting

Upon receipt of remittance advices from payers, payments are posted promptly and accurately to each line item in the patient account. You can be assured of our attention to detail as our payment posting team meticulously analyzes and checks to make sure every line item and transaction is accounted for. We post every remittance advice and payment against every item billed, to ensure that everything that goes out the door comes back in. We track your fee schedules and check for underpayments from insurance companies to make certain you get what you contracted for. And if not, our collections and denial management teams go to work from there.

We aim to be comprehensive in our services, and are an extension of your office. We understand that when you begin a partnership with Global–because partners hold each other accountable–trust is absolutely paramount. At Global, we earn your trust and deliver professionalism.

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