Physician Credentialing Services

In a busy practice, we understand how difficult it can be to manage all of your current duties and also try to keep up with populating, maintaining, submitting, and tracking credentialing applications for physicians and allied professionals. That is why Global offers physicians Credentialing Enrollment Services in addition to our comprehensive revenue cycle management services.

Moreover, we know that a non-credentialed provider can put a snag in your revenue cycle. And when we partner, whatever impacts your revenue cycle impacts us. We can prevent that from happening by helping you prepare, submit and track the credentialing application’s progress by contacting the payor or network to confirm receipt and follow it through completion. And we also monitor and update your credentialing documentation as expirations approach.

As a partner, you don’t have to worry about credentialing, and your valuable time and energy can be focused on caring for your patients and growing the practice.

Contact us today to find out more about our Physician Credentialing Services, and learn how we can help your practice maximize revenue, decrease payment denials and increase profitability.

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