What Sets Us Apart

Global’s mission is to partner with our clients to enable sustainable financial and clinical programs that deliver the highest quality of care at greater value for providers, payers and patients.

We do so by aligning our more than 30 years of experience in developing and operating successful value based programs. Through effective service models and advanced technologies we help our clients achieve high value results in fee-for-service and value based reimbursement models.

Global focuses on three specific service areas for our clients;

  • We provide comprehensive administrative services for value based healthcare models.  From designing provider-centric programs, to managing government mandated bundled program, we administer value based programs efficiently and profitably.  We are expert at value based care, and have been for decades before it became today’s most pressing priority.
  • We provide effective service offerings for full-service revenue cycle management.  Our RCM processes are highly refined to manage the priority of cash flow in fee-for-service and value based reimbursement.  We become a seamless extension of your practice to facilitate patient and payer financial interactions throughout the continuum of care.
  • We operate two technology platforms optimized for RCM and VBR (value based reimbursement).  These platforms streamline the complexities of practice management, compliance, reporting and financial management.  Our focus on technology enables our clients to perform above industry standards, and be continuously ready for the next wave of industry change.

What sets us apart from others is our experience and capabilities to perform well in both provider-centric RCM functions AND lead the industry in value-based administration that assumes risk.  We are guided by listening to our clients, and able to overcome past limitations with advanced solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Global is distinguished for its work in Value Based Care programs;

  • We have been operating value based reimbursement programs for more than 30 years.
  • Our experience in government value based reimbursement models have been recognized as “top-performing” by the Congressional Budget Office and CMS.
  • The proof of our commitment, and quality of our services is our clients, many of which we have worked with for more than 15 years.
  • We meet or exceed industry standards for timeliness, accuracy and compliance.

Global excels in traditional and new value-based Revenue Cycle Management;

  • We specialize in specialty practices to better understand the intricacies of their processes, requirements, financial cycles and regulatory pressures.
  • Our staff is diligent to maintain high levels of training on industry requirements and the latest industry technology across many common vendors.
  • Our service model is based on Dedicated Account Managers. Each Global client is assigned an individual that understands the unique aspects of your practice and specialty.
  • Each client is assigned a dedicated Denial Management Team to assure prompt, accurate, and complete consideration of all matters related to cash flow.
  • Dedicated Self-Pay Team. We free up your time by sending out statements and generating automated call reminders to patients. As an extension of your office, we manage patient phone calls with questions about their statements and work with them directly to get outstanding balances paid and reduce your days in A/R.
  • Contact us and find out how we can revolutionize your revenue cycle and help you maximize reimbursements, decrease payment denials, increase profitability and seize the opportunities in this healthcare environment.

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Global Healthcare Alliance is a proud to be affiliated with the following healthcare associations:

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA)

  • MGMA Annual Conference Sponsor since 2015
  • Corporate Member since 2010

MGMA is the nation’s principal voice for the medical group practice profession. The mission of MGMA is to continually improve the performance of medical practice professionals and their organizations through events that connect members and build partnerships.

MedAxiom – Corporate Partner Member since 2012

MedAxiom is a subscription-based service provider and works exclusively with Cardiology practices. This group provides the tools and resources to help create efficiencies for both the practice and patient outcome. Global is active in both annual educational conferences and other cardiology-specific events.

Texas Medical Group Management Association (TMGMA) – Gold Sponsor Member since 2013

The mission of TMGMA is to foster professional development of their members through education and networking, and represents over 500 practice administrators across the state.

Gulf Coast Medical Group Management Association (GCMGMA) –  Gold Sponsor Member since 2012

The Gulf Coast MGMA serves physicians in and around the greater Houston area through educational and networking opportunities for medical practice managers.

Dallas County Medical Society (DCMS) – Platinum Sponsor

Dallas County Medical Society serves over 7,000 physicians in the Dallas area. The mission of DCMS is to unite and empower physicians to support the health of all residents in the metropolitan region.

Oklahoma Medical Group Management Association (OKMGMA) – Bronze Sponsor

The OKMGMA serves over 200 physicians located in and around Oklahoma. OKMGMA is dedicated to the advancement of group practice management through educational programs and publications.

San Antonio Medical Group Management Association (SAMGMA) – Silver Sponsor

Active in southern Texas, Global Healthcare Alliance is a silver sponsor of San Antonio MGMA. San Antonio MGMA is a professional non-profit association for healthcare professionals through education, networking and charity.

Louisiana Medical Group Management Association (LMGMA)

Global Healthcare Alliance is an active participant in the Louisiana Medical Group Management Association (LMGMA) state conference. MGMA-Louisiana supports the professional and practice growth to meet the needs of today’s patients.