Advisory Services

GHA is a pioneer in value-based healthcare. Our experience—earned through decades of developing and operating value-based bundled payment programs for providers, employers, and payers—informs all of our offerings, methodologies, and technologies.

In our Advisory Services role, GHA works as a trusted advisor to clients—whether they are just beginning to explore the potential of value-based care delivery models, or if they are seeking to optimize or expand an existing program.

Advisory Services engagements are customized to the client’s situation and objectives. In every case, however, GHA strives to work in lock-step with the client, working toward mutually agreed checkpoints and milestones.

Advisory Services Advisory Services

Program Audit
The healthcare market isn’t static: Populations grow, demand increases, new competitors arrive, and treatment modalities evolve. Even the most successful value-based programs should be regularly evaluated for clinical effectiveness and economic performance.

For existing value-based programs, GHA Advisory Services engages in detailed evaluation of key indicators of program performance—including financial and clinical metrics, patient, employer, and payer satisfaction, and other data points. We also analyze market conditions in the service area, deploying proprietary algorithms to identify gaps between current service provisions and market opportunities.

The result of each Program Audit is a detailed report summarizing program performance and identifying opportunities for improvement. This report may be the starting point for an optimization initiative, or may serve to support the development of additional value-based programs.

Program Optimization
The complexities of the healthcare marketplace are such that any value-based care delivery program benefits from regular review and revision. This optimization process—whether conducted on an ongoing basis with an eye toward continuous improvement or approached as a periodic initiative—is essential to the long-term viability of any value-based program.

GHA works with providers and other program operators to help them define, commit to, and execute optimization initiatives. Objectives are defined in advance; they may include improving profitability, mitigating risk, or modifying offerings to take advantage of new strategic opportunities.

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