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The healthcare marketplace is being reshaped by strong competitive forces: Providers compete for patients, payers compete for members, and employers face a two-front battle to retain talent while employee benefit costs rise.

GHA uses technology and expertise to align providers, payers, employers, and patients on the journey to value-based healthcare, acting as liaison and advisor in the development of competitive, sustainable bundled payment programs that prioritize high-quality care and economics for patients.


Physicians, physician groups, hospitals, and health systems are experiencing seismic shifts in the business of healthcare. The economic and regulatory environment is evolving, and reimbursement models are changing fast.

GHA helps providers confidently transition to sustainable value-based bundled programs that prioritize and incentivize high-quality patient care outcomes, while also providing shared risk.

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Value is at the center of payer challenges. Every reimbursement dollar should translate to an improvement in patient healthcare outcomes. But for providers accustomed to a standard fee-for-service model, the adjustment to value-based care can be significant.

Our proven approach allows us to design and operate programs that give payers cost predictability and ease of administration while securing sustainable economics for providers and improved patient outcomes.

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Workforce expectations are on a collision course with economic reality as more cost burden is shifted to the employee. In order to recruit and retain talent, employers must provide employees with access to excellent care, while also managing the cost of providing that care.

GHA offers a solution: Managed centers of excellence and destination care centers for specialty care that combine predictable costs with superior patient outcomes and employee satisfaction.

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At GHA, we believe the purpose of value-based healthcare should ultimately be about providing patients with the highest quality care at the best possible value and transparency in pricing.

Whether we’re performing complex data analytics, modeling and testing potential value-based programs, or providing medical billing services, the patient experience is at the heart of every GHA engagement.

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