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Building and maintaining successful value-based healthcare programs is a journey. On any journey, it’s crucial to know the roadmap, plan ahead, and have clear objectives so you can avoid unnecessary twists and turns or bumps in the road.

GHA equips you for success on your journey. The tools and capabilities we’ve developed, tested, and perfected over the past three decades, including a robust technology platform for program operations, as well as advanced market and pricing analytics capabilities, are vital to the effectiveness and sustainability of value-based care programs.

And while you’re on the journey, it doesn’t hurt to have a reliable guide. Our position as a leader in the development and operation of sustainable, profitable value-based healthcare programs is rooted in our experience as an innovator in value-based healthcare.



GHA developed the Axia technology platform to support value-based bundled programs through financial data integration, transactional workflows, a range of use cases and business processes, and the management of provider, payer, employer, and patient relationships.

Axia also addresses a central issue with the operation of bundled programs: The necessary alignment of standard fee-for-service billing with bundled payment and reimbursement is exceptionally complex and prone to error and inefficiency, and providers want minimal disruption to existing revenue cycle.

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Axia Flow

Revenue Cycle Management

The transition to a value-based healthcare model also creates new challenges in revenue cycle management. GHA’s Centara revenue cycle management system integrates seamlessly with the Axia platform, helping to smooth revenue cycles to maintain predictable cash flow despite the evolving demands of the value-based model. GHA performs revenue cycle management for many of its value-based clients.

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Identifying and defining a value-based program opportunity requires detailed evaluation of market demand and supply, reimbursement rates, the payer and employer environment, and many other factors. GHA uses sophisticated data analytics and visualization tools to fully assess prospective value-based bundling opportunities.

By studying the models and parameters created in analysis, we determine the justification to develop a value-based program.


Value-based healthcare models may be new to much of the industry, but they aren’t new to us. We have spent the last three decades further refining our approach, broadening it to include the development and operation of programs for providers of all sizes across the country, as well as employers seeking to combine superior care for their employees with controlled, predictable cost.

GHA applies our long experience to every client engagement, whether helping to educate providers about value-based programs or nurturing collaborations between providers and payers/employers.

Unlike our competitors, our end-to-end solutions and technology directly address the data, systems, and processes necessary to enable our clients not only to transition to value-based care, but to prosper for the long run.

We know what works, we speak the language, and—with more than 1.2 million successful bundled cases administered—we have the track record to back it up.

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